Writing Your Own Epitaph

Angel Seamless Silver Cube Resin Cremation Urn

Why let the vagaries of others dictate the words written on your memorial urn or your tombstone? Write your own epitaph while you are still able and, in the process, avoid being stuck with too romantic or too generic epitaphs that do not reflect your life as you lived it. Read More »

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Planning a Memorial Service for a Loved One


Organizing a memorial service can be difficult because of your sorrow but such rituals are essential for remembering loved ones and recovering from the loss. Apart from being an emotional process, memorial planning can be very time-consuming. You need to start thinking about it early enough. Read More »

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Create a Memorial for your Pet with Garden Stones

Pet Grave Marker Custom Engraved Stone

It is painful to lose a pet. Those furry little snuggle bugs have a way of wriggling right into our hearts. When your pet passes on, there is a void left. One way to deal with the grief that comes from pet loss is to memorialize your pet, create a legacy. You can plant a tree, create a display or get garden stones. Read More »

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8 Tips for Healing from Pet Loss

Golden Retriever Figurine Cremation Urn

When you lose your pet you lose a member of your family. You hurt, you grieve and you heal. These eight tips will help you heal from the loss of your pet. Read More »

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When it’s Time to Say Goodbye: Facts about Pet Euthanasia

Large Black Classic Brass Cremation Urn

It’s never easy to see our pets grow old or become ill, and when the time comes to make the difficult choice to have your pet euthanized, you will no doubt have many questions about the procedure, what actually happens during the euthanasia, and what happens to your pet’s body after it passes away. Knowing the facts before you make such an important decision is crucial so that you do not have to deal with them during the grieving process. However, the most important thing you should understand is that if your pet has become too ill to survive comfortably or without terrible pain, then you are doing right by it—our animal friends should never be allowed to suffer. Read More »

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Grieving for Your Pet: What You Should Know

Rainbow Bridge Frame Adoration Pet Cremation Urn

I worked at a local pet shelter for well over a year here in West Texas, and I saw many people who were grieving for their dead pets during that time. Since we had euthanasia services and I sometimes had to work intake, I saw more than my share of pet owners who asked me, “Is this normal? Why do I feel so guilty? Is this anger I’m feeling toward the death of my dog what every owner goes through?” The truth is, since grief is such a personal experience, not every owner is going to feel the same thing, but it is perfectly natural to grieve over your pet, and there are several emotions that are usually common to most owners. Read More »

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Planning For Your Elderly Pet’s Death

Candle Urn - Pet Cremation Urn

Thinking about the death of those we love is very difficult, especially when it’s a beloved pet whose love and companionship has meant so much to us. When pets grow old and sick, it is never easy to watch them fade away, but one way to find comfort in their final days is to plan whatever arrangements you will need to make. While this seem morbid at first, it is easier to make decisions about your pet’s earthly remains before it passes away rather than trying to make them while you’re deep in the throes of grief, which can be just as intense for some people as it is when a person passes away. Read More »

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Pet Cremation Diamonds

Diamond Companion Bronze Cremation Urn

For many people, the loss of a pet can be just as devastating, if not more so, than the loss of a human. Pets are living longer and attachments can grow stronger between master and pet. When a pet dies there is often a great desire to properly memorialize the beloved companion. Modern technology now allows for pet ashes to be turned into cremation diamonds. Read More »

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Pet Cemetery Plots

Charcoal Rock Small Cremation Urn

Anyone who has visited a cemetery has seen family plots and plots and spouse plots. Traditionally the idea couples buy side-by-side plots at the death of the first spouse. Some families will buy several plots for all the members of the family, or at least all the human members of the family. Read More »

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How to Choose the Right Pet Urn

Guardian & Wreath Bronze Cremation Urn

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but when the time comes, you might want to consider cremation and choosing a pet urn to hold your dog’s or cat’s ashes as a permanent memorial of the animal that brought so much love and happiness into your life. Many owners are choosing this option today because not only is a better way to return your pet’s remains to the earth, but because it gives them the choice of preserving the ashes as well. If you are considering a pet urn for your deceased animal, there are a few things you should know first. Read More »

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