A Pet Urn for Dogs – Keeping Their Memory Around The House

Dog, Beagle - Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

It’s not something we automatically think of when we buy a pet, but it’s a sad fact that you are likely to outlive them. We love our pets dearly, and their passing is often as heart rending as that of a family member, especially when you have children in the household too. It’s increasingly common to cremate pets and, as with a relative, to buy cat urns or dog urns to store the ashes.

In our case we searched online for a pet urn for dogs. We found a wide range to choose from and a range of prices that went from reasonable to outrageous. We’d thought long and hard about it when we knew our dog was not long for this world and had some great photos of him when he was in his prime that we knew would look great, so we chose a photo. The picture urns we saw allowed us to pick a number of types of presentation – from cameo style pictures inserted in the wooden casket and picture frame styles to long wraparound style pictures where we could get our dog’s picture superimposed on a background or against the American Flag. We even found a model that incorporated one of those digital frames so we could have a constantly changing set of images if we wanted.

Dog, Boxer, Brindle - ears down - Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

We went for a memory chest in the end – a plain dark wood surround with a snap of Henry set in the lid from a hot summer a couple of years back. It even has a small tray inlaid into it that has space for his old tag. They did a good job setting it up and the kids are happy to be able to wander over and have a look without the picture being a constant reminder. In time we may bury him and move on, but for now it’s a comfort.

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