Closure Via the Perfect Pet Urns

Medium Fidelis Pet Photo Cremation Urn

When my Golden Retriever started to get sick I knew I had a long journey in front of me. Despite the fact that she was almost 16 years old which is considered very old for a large dog, the idea that she would soon pass was hard to grasp. In fact, I was not as worried about her health as I was about coping once I lost her. In order to get prepared I decided to take a look at pet urns so that I would be prepared and have something to remember her by.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I went online to take a look at custom pet urns because there is actually a much wider selection then what I remember seeing at the veterinarian’s office. IN fact, there was just about everything including my final choice which was a small statue urn that was shaped like my dear friend. To the side of it was a plaque that I had her name inscribed on along with the poem ‘Footprints’ which I felt best described our relationship.

Large Fidelis Pet Photo Cremation Urn

As I expected, it was only a few months later when my darling baby finally died, but being able to hold onto a piece of her that I can look at every day has helped make the loss a bit more bearable. While it is hard to describe to others the relationship that we held as a dog and her master, I know that having something to cherish has helped to make her loss a bit more tangible.

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