Cremation Urns of Your Choosing – Mini Urns for Ashes

Dream II Brass Keepsake Cremation Urns

Although it is very common for some to request to be cremated after they die, what do you do if it is a family member – such as a grandparent or parent – that several members of the family wish to remember by having some of their ashes? Obviously, the norm of having one cremation urns of ashes would not suffice in this situation!

Luckily, there is a type of cremation urns that would be just right for this type of occurrence. Mini urns for ashes allow you to have several different urns that can be distributed to different members of your family with just a small amount of your loved ones ashes in them. This way, everyone who wants can have that remembrance of their family member and feel that they have them close, for always.

Mini Keepsake Granite Earthtone Cremation Urn

You can find traditional urns, like cremation urns of copper or other metals, or, you can find mini urns for ashes that are much more artistic. These types of urns can blend in with the rest of the décor of your home, or if you like can become a conversational piece. There are several that truly are little works of art, created by individual artists and they can put even more special meaning into the remembrance of your loved ones.

Some places even sell the more traditional looking urns in sets of several urns, making the purchase of these mini urns for ashesthat much simpler. Plus, it would keep the set of urns more uniform. Even though they would be displayed in different homes and different locations, your family might like the thought of all having similar urns to tie everyone together with the memory of your deceased.

No matter what options your family likes the sounds of better, you can find mini urns for ashes in the style that you all like the best.

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