Dealing with pet loss firsthand

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For many elderly people, the loss of a pet can be very traumatic as their pet is often their only companion left in life.  The same is true of Edward, who faced life without his pet and learned to find closure by seeking out an inspirational urn that carried the spirit of his poodle into the home for years after its passing. Edward was age 84 when his beloved poodle, Prince, passed away after a long bout with stomach cancer.

Edward had purchased Prince 16 years prior after his wife passed away suddenly for some companionship in his lonely home.  Although the children and grandchildren stopped by on a regular basis, Edward found that the silence of the home could be disconcerting.

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This changed when he purchased Prince who was a lively puppy that continued to be lively up until his illness.  Prince offered Edward something to come home to after running an errand and a constant companion at all times.  Prince always ate while Edward ate, went outside with him to sit together and watch the wind blow, and sat on his lap every night as they watched primetime television together.

Although Edward had known for quite some time that Prince was going to die as the illness took a lot out of him, when the time came he found himself surprised to miss his beloved poodle as much as he did.  Edward did not want a new pet given his advanced age, but he did want some way to find closure with his final companion’s death.

His family looked into pet cremation urns in order to offer him a way to feel connected with Prince even after his death and surprised him with an engraved poodle urn that displayed a photo of Prince with an inspirational quote on it.  While the urn was only a small addition to his home, Edward felt comforted looking at the pet memorial on his mantle and from time to time would pass by it with a smile on his face.  Over time he healed, but when truly lonely he would also glance up at the mantle to see his old pet smiling back.

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  1. tomsbabyjenna
    Posted September 12, 2010 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

    Often older adults feel like their world is at a standstill after the death of their spouse as they spent so much of their lives growing together so they often turn to pets to fill some of that loneliness. I feel like after losing a spouse the pet leaving is almost harder because you feel like you can’t give much more for fear of losing everything you have. A pet urn will bring back memories and its concrete you can see it daily as opposed to burying your pet and only seeing it part of the time.

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