Don’t Trust Your Pets to Just Anyone

Plentiful Paws Brass Keepsake Cremation Urn

When you lose a loved one and you take them to a funeral home, you put your trust into these people. However, when you give the medical and insurance information to the person to process with the burial, things may not go as promised. Pet crematories are becoming very popular across the country, and when your pet is not being processed properly and there is money involved, then you need to look into the business and their owners.

In Indiana, there was a father and son who owned a funeral home for pets. They would have clients that would spend a lot of money for caskets and other proceedings for their pets. When the two took greed to the next level, then they began to lose a lot of trust from their clients.

Going Home Cremation Urn

The two men used the insurance policies from the pet’s owners to cash in at their own expense. Before the animal even died, they would use the pet’s insurance information to use the money. One particular client noticed the scam when she was called to pick up her animal’s ashes, but it was soon discovered that the animal was not even dead. They were arrested for fraud and sent to jail.

When in doubt on whether or not to take your pet to a funeral home, you could visit You can assure that your deceased pet will be taken care of, and you don’t have to spend tons of money to have them at a funeral home. At, they also have keepsake items that you can keep in your home like picture frames and other unique items. If you decided to move one day, you could always have your loved one beside you at all times in a safe place.

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