Honor Your Faithful Companion with a Custom Urn

Immensita Pyramid Cremation Urn

A pet can bring so much joy into our lives! Rarely can a human be relied on for the same level of unconditional love, acceptance, and companionship found in a pet’s relationship with his or her owner. When a pet dies, the grief can be almost unbearable. Some may scoff and say that it was “just a dog” and not understand your pain, but they are wrong in doing so. You have just experienced the loss of a very strong bond.

It is perfectly normal to experience grieving over a pet much in the same way you would a friend or family member. Guilt, depression, anger, and denial can all be part of the process. Don’t hold in these feelings; express them, embrace them, let them come as they will, and you will heal in a more healthy way. Dwell on the wonderful memories you and your pet have created!

Large Egyptian Charcoal Pyramid Cremation Urn

One way to help get through the grieving process is to have something to remember your pet by. If you choose to have your pet cremated, you can honor his or her memory by choosing an urn that represents to you a tribute to your pet’s memory. These urns can be customized specifically for your pet, including engravings with words of love, picture engravings, and even adding photos of you and your pet. You will always have a beautiful memory of your pet to look at and to show to friends and family. Although this may be bittersweet at first, over time you will probably find comfort in the fact that you’ve given your pet such a special way to be remembered.

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