Honoring your pet with a pet memorial

Cats leave paw prints - Cat Garden Stone

The loss of a pet can be very dramatic that can only be understood by others who have also faced the death of a beloved pet.  While some people are inclined to view a pet as simply an animal, those who have invested in a pet for ten or more years will tell you that they understand just how much dog or cat becomes a part of the family.  On average, a pet is a part of your life for at least a decade if not more, which is a large amount of time in which to develop a meaningful relationship.

Thus, it is completely normal to mourn the loss of a pet in the same manner that you would mourn any human loss within your family.  With this in mind, one of the last stages of grief is closure which you will need to reach as well in order to fully recover from a pet’s sudden death.  One way to reach closure is to honor your pet’s memory by choosing to purchase a pet memorial for either inside your home or in the yard.

Charcoal Rock Large Cremation Urn - Engravable

Many people choose to purchase pet memorials that are similar to decorative stone slabs that can be placed in the yard near a passed pet’s favorite place.  For example, under their favorite bush, near a fence, or any other place that your pet often enjoyed relaxing can be a great spot to place this type of memorial.  Choosing to do this also allows you to claim a spot in the yard where you can visit when you need to so that you have a place to remember your pet in silence and peace.

Other people choose to place a pet memorial in the house with a favorite picture of their pet and a poem or inscription that is meaningful to them.  Placing such an item in the house allows you to have a moment to reflect on your pet’s life and offers you something with whisch to remember and honor their memory.

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