In Honor of My Dearest Companion

My Forever Friend Dog Cremation Urn

Hugo, my pet boxer had been my best and dearest companion for almost 16 years. He just passed away due to old age a few days ago. I was prepared for the inevitable since he had been hospitalized at the pet clinic for almost a week due to the complications of arthritis. He has never given me much health problems except for the occasional skin infections that are so common with his breed.

Almost instantly I felt the void in my life. He had been such a loyal companion and is always there to cheer me up whenever I came home from work. Without fail, he will light a smile on my face with his playful antics. To me he is as valuable as any human companion and I wanted to honor his memories close to home.

Walnut Traditional Pet Cremation Urn

The vet at the pet clinic suggested that I could purchase those pet urns that have become a growing trend these days. It is an inexpensive way to commiserate my beloved Hugo. It was such a lovely suggestion as I had only thought of the conventional way of giving him a full-fledged funeral and burial. I did not mind the expensive cost but he would have to be buried at some designated pet cemetery outside the city. It was just too far from home. Pet urns are definitely the solution.

Hugo was cremated two days ago and I just took him home today. There were many types of pet urns available made from glass, wood, metal and even precious metal. Hugo now stays in beautiful marble urn. He deserves the best from the range. On the urn, sits a picture of Hugo in his strong masculine stand. I have placed the urn atop my fireplace in the living room where I can keep an eye on him and him on me.

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