In Memory Of… Daisy My Pet, My Best Friend

Medium Fidelis Pet Photo Cremation Urn

Death as we all know is a fact of life. Grief over the loss of a loved one is expected. When that loved one is a pet the grief often is misunderstood and unsupported. A lot of folks even those with pets of their own sometimes do not get that we lost a part of us when our best friend passed away. The most loyal and noble of pets is the dog, a companion who listens patiently and loves much. The small dog s are grieved all the more because they become more like our children in our affections. Their size and vulnerability has given us a outlet for the nurturing parts of our souls.

We want you to know that we understand that grief and that devotion to preserving your pets’ memory is important to us.  As most pets received in their infancy you really have lost a child, as you were the one who nurtured it and helped to grow. When the time comes and your beloved is no more don’t you think that precious one deserves more than a shoe box burial in the back yard. For all their years of love and devotion a memorial service and a small pet urn would give you comfort and stability in the face of the tide of emotions.

Dog Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

Purchase a small pet urn keepsake and let the world see how much your friend means to you. There are cheap pet urns that are beautifully crafted and will last for years. Made of wood, sheet bronze, bronze and stone these urns come in the traditional shapes and others designed specifically with the breed in mind. A memorial urn will make a great tribute to your pets’ memory. The urns come in such varieties, and you are sure to find one that captures the heart of who your pet was. Online stores have catalogs that allow you to shop in private, some even help you to plan the memorial service. Keepsake or traditional the urn will put your pet in a place of honor while they await eternity.

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