Keep Your Pet Part of Your Life: Display Pet Urns Prominently

Biodegradable Paper Heart Pet Cremation Urn

The loss of a loved one is never easy and it can offer be just as difficult when that loved one has four legs and a tail. Pet urns provide a way of housing the remains of your four legged friend long after he or she has passed on. However, after you have gone through the process of picking out a suitable urn for your pet’s ashes the next question is where to display this memento.

Often pet urns are placed in spots the pet frequented. If your dog liked to curl up in the corner of your living room then display it above this space. If your cat had a favorite perch overlooking the front yard then turn that ledge into a shrine.

Bronze Grecian Pet Cremation Urn

Displaying a pet urn prominently can ease the pain of loss. While you cannot bring your pet back, having the urn present can remind of their time alive at your side. Finding the proper place for a pet urn requires walking down memory lane as you find a space in your home for a memorial to your lost companion.

Make this a more joyous occasion. A pet urn should be the celebration of life. Scour your residence for the perfect spot for your pet urn. The mantle over your fireplace works fine but there are more options than just that. Explore spots your four legged partner made their own. Display a pet urn next to a dog house or above an empty food dish. Doing so is a great way to remember the time spent together.

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