Loss of a Pet Cat: Thank You for Letting Me be Your Person

Faithful Feline Sitting Cat Cremation Urn

Any cat lover knows that they don’t choose the cat; they choose you and crawl into your heart for a lifetime. Your pet cat was such an important part of your life and now it is gone. Recognize what a gift it has been to have had that time together. Remember how it all started and all the meaningful moments that only you and your cat shared. This keeps your dear companion alive forever in your memories and keeps the warmth of love in your heart.

Your cat was once a playful kitten, getting into everything you didn’t want it too. It clawed at fabrics of all kinds, especially the nice ones. Your kitten showed you an unconditional love that was so contagious that it consumed you.

Faithful Friend Cat Cremation Urn

It seemed so sudden but one day it became fully grown and gradually assumed a personality that would become familiar for many years. Your relationship with your cat was unique in every instance and is as personal as any love. The memories may bring tears to your eyes but the love you still feel puts a gracious smile on your face too. You alone know how your special feline interacted with you. You had your own way of interacting with it. Cats think of us as their person and don’t consider themselves as a pet, as you have seen during your life with your furry best friend. That quirky quality colors all these important memories that you will keep alive. Be grateful for sharing your cat’s life and always keep that love for them and sadness will not steal your heart.

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