Man Hope to Reveal Urns Mystery

Interlude Bronze Pet Cremation Urn

Everyone loves to find things while they are out and about. Mike Miller was no exception to this rule, one night while heading to his truck after his graveyard shift at the Wal-Mart, a gust of wind blew a small metal and mother of pearl urn his way. He liked the way that it looked, so he picked it up and took it home with him. The urn sat on his bar in the basement for several years, becoming a topic of conversation by most anyone that saw it. The lid to the urn was glued on making it nearly impossible to open. Many had tried to open them and failed.

Oak Framed Photo Medium Cremation Urn

There was much speculation as to what was in the jar. Mike had taken the urn to the Indianapolis Police Department several times, but without knowing for sure whether human remains were in the vessel, they couldn’t do anything about it. After much persistence from his girlfriend, Mike took the urn to the local coroner’s office. They gave him the name of a funeral home close by that would be able to open the urn so that the remains could hopefully be identified. When the funeral home director opened the urn which was similar to many that he had sold at his establishment, it was found that the urn contained a small back of confetti sized bone fragments. These fragments could have been that of an infant or a pet. Because this was unknown, Mike had to turn over the urn to the police, as is policy anytime human remains are found. He is still waiting to hear back as to whether they are human remains or belonged to someone’s pet.

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