People Laughed but I Still Have JOJO

Cottage Dog House Cremation Urn

Jojo was such a cute little mix-breed puppy when I found him whimpering under a tree more than 2 years ago. He was covered in dry leaves with ants crawling all over his body. He had been abandoned next to an ant hill. After he was nursed back to health, he had stayed with me ever since and grew so attached to my teenage son.

Every evening he followed my son riding on his bike to the lakeside park nearby. He enjoyed the romps and chase with other kids there. On that fateful day a week ago, he did not return home with my son from the park. Despite frantically searching the whole park while calling out for him, he failed to turn up. The following morning we found him lying on his side outside our garden. He had managed to come home on his own but obviously had been attacked. I seriously suspected it to be the pack of dogs at a nearby construction site. He was so weak when I took him to the vet. After several hours of medical attention and against my son’s protest, I had to let the vet put him to sleep. His injuries were too extensive.

Large Sleeping Dog Infinite Impression Cremation Urn-Engravable

I did not want to bury Jojo as proposed by the vet. Instead I had opted for a wooden pet cremation urn for Jojo. This way we could still keep him close to home. Some of my friends laughed and find me weird to keep Jojo’s ashes at home. Although some friends deemed Jojo a pariah dog, he will always be our great loyal companion and I feel this is the best I can do to keep his memory alive. Jojo now sits proudly in our living room.

This article is aimed to share how the pet urn has helped my family coped with the loss of our dog. If you wish to know more about urns.

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