Pet Urn Inscription: Honoring the Blessing of a Life Together

Great Dane - Harlequin - Ears Down - Dog Pet Cremation Urn

They come into your life and you welcome them as part of the family. You watch them grow and change and you just expect them to always be there. Pets are our special friends and it feels as if they will always interact with your life. Then one day, your animal friend dies and it is hardly believable at first. All of the memories of your times together come flooding in and the loss overwhelms you. You remember that you always knew it would end, but you didn’t want to think about it. What do you do now?

Candle Urn (Medium) - Pet Cremation Urn

Your pet gave you a unique relationship with many joys. Finding the gratitude within you for this relationship is important for healing. If you could just talk to your pet again, just like you always did, what would you say? When this is truly taken to heart, you want to say a variety of things. Write it all out in a journal and face your feelings directly. From this you can come up with several lines to sum up a way to say “thank you for being my pet.” Use this as an inscription on a beautiful pet urn that you choose for the cremation ashes. This will make the urn a commemoration to the spirit of your pet. It shows the gratitude and love you feel for the experience of a life together with a special animal. Though they will never return, you can create effective closure in this way and feel as though you gave something back to your friend. Whenever you see that urn and read the inscription, your honor that pet again and keep the memory alive.

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