Planning a Memorial Service for a Loved One


Organizing a memorial service can be difficult because of your sorrow but such rituals are essential for remembering loved ones and recovering from the loss. Apart from being an emotional process, memorial planning can be very time-consuming. You need to start thinking about it early enough.

Choose the right date and the right place for holding the memorial service. A chapel that has a reception location, as well, will often be seen as the perfect memorial venue.

There has to be some personalization. Choose a place that your loved one had a special connection with. It could be their birth town or the house of someone near and dear to their heart. Once you choose the place, you will be ready to move on to the next steps.

Personalization of the Venue
The memorial service should be a reflection of the character and personality of the individual you are going to be honoring.

Photographs and flowers are standard for memorial services. Choose the colors that the particular individual loved. There could be background music during the service itself. Choose favorite and meaningful songs that the person you will be honoring enjoyed time after time.


Guest Speakers
It is common for several speakers to make short presentations during a memorial service. The task of picking the speakers is a hard one but it will play an essential role in the ceremony itself.

A very dear friend and a family member should be included among the speakers. Tell these people what tone and what kinds of anecdotes will be appropriate. Many people will feel uneasy about being the speakers during a memorial service and you should be willing to offer some assistance.

Get Help
Organizing a memorial service on your own will often prove to be overwhelming.

Friends and relatives will probably be willing to get involved and offer a helping hand. Make use of this kind of assistance. You will complete the organization process faster and you will also get some emotional support.

You can get creative during a memorial service. Incorporate favorite sayings and some treasured memories into the ceremony. This is your opportunity to honor a loved one and to receive condolences from friends, relatives, coworkers and acquaintances. Plan everything accordingly.

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