Profound Grief Over the Loss of a Pet

Black Persian Cat - Lifesize Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

In a recent study done at the University of Hawaii, 106 people were surveyed about their pets and losing them. Fifty-two percent of the people that were surveyed lost their pets to old age while another thirty-eight lost their pet to euthanasia. Many people claimed that the death of their pet was significant enough that they had to be medicated for six months or longer. This is very severe considering many people do not feel this way about losing loved ones in most cases proven by studies.

Rottweiler - Lifesize Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

Many people say that this significant grief over their pet loss has a lot to do with the fact that they feel that they are losing more than just a pet. Many memories are attached to their pet, such as watching a child learn to care for something, comforting times had by their animal and also the feeling of being without. Many people think that when their pet dies not only are they losing the animal and the physical comfort and presence they provided but also the memories that their pet “kept.” This is partly why pet memorials such as headstones and pet urns are becoming so popular. They want something physical to remember their beloved pet and friend that they can keep forever even while their pet is gone. The physical object provides the person a stable connection to their pet that they were so close to so that the grief of the loss is a little easier to handle on those bad days.

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