Remembering Your Beloved Pet

Puppy Cobalt Glass Cremation Jewelry

For some people, losing a beloved pet is almost or just as hard as losing a human family member or other loved one. Our animals tend to become part of our family and pet owners really do consider their pet one of the “kids” or family members. Remembering them when they pass on is just as important for their owners. Each pet has their own personality and has most likely been part of the family for many years, so the passing of a beloved pet can be a very difficult time.

Celtic Heart Brown Glass Memorial Jewelry

When looking for ways to remember your pet, you may want to look at getting a keepsake necklace. These are necklaces that can be made from various different materials such as glass, crystal or wood, and come in many different shapes as well. You can find ones where you can include a picture of your pet, and you can engrave many of them as well with a personal note or the pet’s name. The purpose of a lot of this type of jewelry is to be able to keep a memento from your pet close to you, such as some of their ashes or a lock of hair.

Having this type of memorial to remember your pet is very personal. It is of course made to order for your individual pet, and since it is a necklace can be worn close to your heart. For many people, this brings comfort to the grieving process. You could also always display your necklace in a glass case or near the urn as well. Whichever way you choose to display a piece like this, it is sure to be a beautiful reminder of the pet you once shared your home and life with.

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