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8 Tips for Healing from Pet Loss

When you lose your pet you lose a member of your family. You hurt, you grieve and you heal. These eight tips will help you heal from the loss of your pet.
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When it’s Time to Say Goodbye: Facts about Pet Euthanasia

It’s never easy to see our pets grow old or become ill, and when the time comes to make the difficult choice to have your pet euthanized, you will no doubt have many questions about the procedure, what actually happens during the euthanasia, and what happens to your pet’s body after it passes away. Knowing […]
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Grieving for Your Pet: What You Should Know

I worked at a local pet shelter for well over a year here in West Texas, and I saw many people who were grieving for their dead pets during that time. Since we had euthanasia services and I sometimes had to work intake, I saw more than my share of pet owners who asked me, […]
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Dealing with Pet Loss

Processing the death of a pet is very difficult, something some people do not understand. This is especially true if your dog, cat or horse has been a part of the family for many years. So how do you work through the process of pet loss? Moreover, how should you deal with their remains?
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Profound Grief Over the Loss of a Pet

In a recent study done at the University of Hawaii, 106 people were surveyed about their pets and losing them. Fifty-two percent of the people that were surveyed lost their pets to old age while another thirty-eight lost their pet to euthanasia. Many people claimed that the death of their pet was significant enough that […]
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Loss of a Pet Cat: Thank You for Letting Me be Your Person

Any cat lover knows that they don’t choose the cat; they choose you and crawl into your heart for a lifetime. Your pet cat was such an important part of your life and now it is gone. Recognize what a gift it has been to have had that time together. Remember how it all started […]
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In Memory Of… Daisy My Pet, My Best Friend

Death as we all know is a fact of life. Grief over the loss of a loved one is expected. When that loved one is a pet the grief often is misunderstood and unsupported. A lot of folks even those with pets of their own sometimes do not get that we lost a part of […]
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Planning for a pet’s death: How to pick out pet urns

Many people are quick to prepare for their own death so that their family does not have to hassle with the details during their time of mourning.  However, while people often prepare for death of family members, the death of a family pet such as a cat or dog is not often thought about.  This […]
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3 Popular choices for pet memorials

Losing a pet can be depressing and devastating because for many people pet’s become a cherished member of the household making the death as tragic as the loss of an actual family member.  It can be easier to deal with the death of a pet however if you take the death seriously instead of trying […]
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Honoring your pet with a pet memorial

The loss of a pet can be very dramatic that can only be understood by others who have also faced the death of a beloved pet.  While some people are inclined to view a pet as simply an animal, those who have invested in a pet for ten or more years will tell you that […]
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