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Dealing with pet loss firsthand

For many elderly people, the loss of a pet can be very traumatic as their pet is often their only companion left in life.  The same is true of Edward, who faced life without his pet and learned to find closure by seeking out an inspirational urn that carried the spirit of his poodle into […]
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Childhood pet loss, finding closure for children

When Betsy was ten years old her very first dog passed away of a chronic condition in its hind legs.  The death was preceded by severe pain in the old Dachshund for three weeks.  Although it was the dog’s time, his sudden illness gave the ten year old little time to prepare and did not […]
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Pet Loss and the Stages of Grief

When you deal with the loss of a pet, grief is a response that is normal. In many cases, other people do not totally understand this type of loss, which can lead to a smaller support system. The problem is that the grief over your pet can be a process that is complex, and others […]
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