The Urn of Fate

Italian Alabaster Cremation Urn

The Urn of Fate is an Italian Christmas tradition that dates back to the death of Christ. Many Italians believe strongly in the Christian religion and the lord, Jesus. Christmas is a huge deal in Italy which starts eight days before Christmas Eve. Traditional Christmas music is played in the homes of carpenters to rejoice in the Lord’s name and children will dress as shepherds and play wooden flutes in the streets for money to give to their families as gifts.

Heaven Sent Italian Marble Cremation Urn

On Christmas Eve, a fast takes place where nobody is allowed to eat for twenty four hours. During this fast, the Urn of Fate is brought out and everyone takes a turn trying to open it. This is a funeral urn that carries the ashes of the entire family. During this time while the Urn of Fate is out, the family will sit around and remember the good times of the family members that have passed. The urn itself is a large clay urn roughly three to four feet tall. The urn is passed around between all the family members as they all share memories of the loved ones inside. Once everyone has had a turn with the Urn of Fate, candles are lit and a prayer is said to protect the family through the coming year of any harm coming to them. It is also to ensure that the spirits remain peaceful and that nothing wakes them from their final slumber.

After the Urn of Fate has been put back, the family will gather the next morning for a huge feast called ceppo that is a spaghetti dish made with anchovies and served with fresh fruits, salads and other side dishes. No meat is served as there is a meat fasting through the end of the year until the New Year begins.

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