Why Invest in a Pet Memorial Rock

Memorial Rock Cremation Urn

When a beloved family pet dies most people are unsure of how to help their children process their grief. For a lot of children the death of the family cat or dog will be the first experience with death that they will have had, and the death of a pet can be just a traumatic to a young child as the death of a family member.

With this in mind, you should think about ways to celebrate the life of the pet after their death to help give your children a sense of closure. Just like adults need closure in order to move on from a tough situation, so do children. The only difference is that children do not know how to find closure so it is your job to help guide them in the right direction.

River Rock Custom Engraved Pet Stone

Many parents choose to get dog urns or memorial urns for this reason, because they offer a tangible way for their children to say goodbye to the family pet. Other parents choose to purchase something like a pet memorial rock because it is a great way to mark the presence of a pet’s life in the family in a permanent way even after death.

Whichever way you choose to approach the matter, it is important to realize that your children do need something to help them get past their grief. While the funeral urn is one way to approach the matter, for those looking at a much quieter way a pet memorial rock may be all you need because it will help give your child a way to say goodbye without feeling guilt over forgetting their precious pet.

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