Types of Animal Urns on the Market

When most people think of pet urns they quickly think of cats and dogs since these are the two most prominent types of house pets in almost every country.  However, to many people other animals play a large role in their life and quickly take on the same unconditional and faithful role that a cat and dog can.  Thus, it is only reasonable that alternative pet owners also want to honor the memories of their beloved pets which is why there are a variety of animal urns available on the market.

For instance, many groomers and competitors become best pals with their horses and the loss of a horse can be devastating.  Those that have worked with horses can tell you that they are large animals with a large heart that seem to know how you are feeling and respond in kind.  For this reason, there are horse pet urns available on the market even if the idea seems a bit absurd.  Of course, you would have to expect that they are slightly larger than the typical animal urns given the size of a horse, but are still suitable for dealing with grief.

Along the same lines, there are also ferret urns on the market for those that face the loss of a ferret and are looking for ways to deal with their grief.  These small creatures have a much larger life span than most people realize and can quickly have a large impact on a child or adults life making it important to find a way to memorialize them as well.  The choice of ferret urns may be one of the best ways that you can honor that memory and allow your children to hold onto something even once their pet has passed on.

Outside of these two alternative examples, there are many other types of animal urns on the market designed and customized to meet the needs of their purchasers.  Each can have the same types of inscriptions, plaques, names, pictures, and statues placed onto them in the same way that any other pet urn can.  They also come in the same wide variety of materials so that you can properly choose an animal urn that will fit into your home.  By choosing to customize an animal urn you can find a suitable way to deal with your loss that is tactful and meaningful.

Some of the other popular types of pet urns include rabbit urns, lizard urns, parrot urns, snake urns, and in some cases even beetle urns.  The reason that these animal urns now exist is due to the fact that at some point these animals held a deep place in someone’s heart, therefore it is not ridiculous or embarrassing if your pet holds a similar place in your heart.  Honor their contributions to your life by choosing an urn that fits them and fits your memory of them and you will find their loss to be less damaging.