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Keep Your Pet Close with Cat Urns for Ashes

Indoor cats live to be about twelve to fifteen years old. It is no wonder, then, that we become very attached to them over the years. If you grew up with a cat, or if you had a cat your entire adult life, you are bound to miss that cat when it finally passes on. […]
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Celebrate Your Special Feline Friend With A Cat Urn

Many of us have a beloved cat that shares our daily life with us. They become an integral part of our lives and losing them is never easy. Unfortunately, sooner or later we all have to deal with the inevitable.
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Alternatives to Pet Urns

For many people, losing a pet is just as traumatic as losing a member of the family. So, many people have started looking at many different ways that they can go about memorializing their pets. This can really help decrease the loss of the pet and help to keep their memory close to you at […]
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Pet Urns for Dogs

When people think of cremation as a way to persevere the memory of their loved ones, they usually refer to just humans. But in reality this process can also be used for pets. There is an evolving culture in today’s societies that people are cremating their loved pets. When your pet dies, the grief is […]
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Dog Urns for Ashes

There is no doubt that your pet was an important member of your family. For many people, the thought of and the expense of burying your pet may not seem like the right choice for their family. If you are searching for another way to memorialize your cherished pet, you are able to do so […]
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Cat Urns for Your Furry Friend

Cats are among the pets that are kept for affection and companionship as well as for the fun that they provide. We nurture them like our real children. We feed them, bathe them, sleep with them, and even clothe them. We treat them as members of the family and when a member of the family […]
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ASPCA Donates Wooden Pet Urns for Charity Benefit

When it comes to having a pet cremated, it is not always easy because a family member has to find a crematorium that is capable of interring a pet’s body, and one that will allow a single cremation instead of a mass cremation, which is popular of pet interment. Because pet cremation is much more […]
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Scattering Urn Puts Seaman at Rest

A woman in Maine recently put her husband to rest at sea. She used a beautiful scattering urn for the task. Her husband was a seaman, working on fishing boats all of his life, from the age of sixteen. He and his wife had owned a houseboat, and had taken many trips around the ocean […]
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Eagle Urns For Servicemen

When a loved one passes, it is natural to want to keep them with you. This is especially true if that person was taken from this life prematurely. This is often the case with those who serve our country in the military. When someone close to us dies in this manner, we want to honor […]
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Affordable Pet Urns Keep Your Pet at Your Side

Many people do not realize that there are affordable pet urns available to help you keep your beloved pet with you for all time. Most people, when they lose a beloved pet, consider burying it in the back yard or in a local pet cemetery first. However, there are many times when this may not […]
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