Create a Memorial for your Pet with Garden Stones

Pet Grave Marker Custom Engraved Stone

It is painful to lose a pet. Those furry little snuggle bugs have a way of wriggling right into our hearts. When your pet passes on, there is a void left. One way to deal with the grief that comes from pet loss is to memorialize your pet, create a legacy. You can plant a tree, create a display or get garden stones.

Garden stones are a wonderful way to memorialize your pet and celebrate his or her life. You can put your pet’s name as well as a sentiment or dates of his or her life. Some garden stones allow etched pictures or have templates of animals or breeds. The key is to create something that will allow you to fondly remember your pet and recall happy memories.

Celtic Obelisk

If you have space in your garden, you may want to get several stones. Each stone can commemorate a highlight in your pet’s life such as winning a show or they can contain sentiments regarding your pet’s character and personality. Another very cool idea is to write a poem about your pet, then have a line etched into each garden stone. What a lovely, loving tribute to your pet!

Some people write messages or sentiments to their pet such as “you are never gone from our hearts” or “we will see you at Rainbow Bridge” (this is a reference to the poem Rainbow Bridge written by Paul C. Dahm in 1981 and published in 1998 in his book ‘The Rainbow Bridge’). Writing these messages and creating these lasting memorials can help ease that sadness and help you work through the grief process.

Garden stones can also contain only pictures. They don’t always have to contain words. If you feel that your pet is better represented in that way, you can do that as well. The key is to allow yourself to grieve because the only way to heal from pet loss is to work through the grief. There is no way around it. So know that it is OK to grieve.

You will always miss your pet but you can feel better, feel closer to him or her. Create a legacy and let the healing begin.

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