Honor Your Pet with Personalized Pet Urns

Irises Ceramic Pet Cremation Urn

Personalized Pet Urns are a great way of honoring your pet even after they have passed away. They create the sense that your pet is still with you, because they are unique to your pet, and as such you can have elements like a wooden carving of your pet, their name or a photograph of them. This means that you can really feel their presence even though they may now be in a happier place.

One of the nice things about personalized pet urns is that they also mark in a very visible way quite how much your pet meant to you. So, in the same way that you might mark an achievement with a certificate of accomplishment, you can also mark a life will lived (your pets) by making sure that their final resting place is still with you in surroundings that they would have found comfortable.

American Kennel Club Cremation Urn Official AKC

Pet urns for ashes are in fact not really a new concept at all. Ever since the times of the Ancient Egyptians it has been common practice to place the ashes of beloved animals in to jars so that they could in some way, shape or form stay with their owners. In those ancient times it was in fact quite common for those pet urns to be buried with their owners so that they could be together for all eternity.

You do not of course have to go quite that far! But the fact is that there is something very comforting about always having your friend and best companion with you for all time, even if they are deceased.

It has been said that there is a kind of spirit in nature, and that even as things die they only really change form. So whatever form your pet is now in you can rest assured that they are probably doing well, and are looking down on you with love and appreciation in their hearts for all the good, kind things that you did for them and for getting a personalized pet urn for them to show you cared.

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