How To Care For Pet Urns

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Using an urn for dog ashes is one of the ways in which a pet owner can deal with a big loss such as losing their pet. Urns for dogs ashes will hold the remains of your pet after cremation so when your beloved pooch dies, you have something with you to remember them by. Of course these urns will require maintenance and care so that they can last for a long time to come.

The Material

The first thing to consider when looking at urns for dogs’ ashes is the material that will be used. Some materials are a lot easier to take care of while others can be very fragile but look great in a memorial. What you get depends on your preference and how you want the memorial to look when you put it together. Glass and ceramics are some of the most fragile materials you can choose while metal can be much easier to care for.

Oak Framed Photo Medium Cremation Urn


The cleaning of an urn can be very simple or difficult depending on where the memorial is. If you place the urn in a sealed environment, then you will probably not need to do much cleaning. Some designs such as eagle urns or paw prints will need some cleaning as dust can accumulate on their surface. A feather duster will in most cases be good enough for the cleaning of the urn.

The Environment

The environment in which you will be placing your dog’s memorial is also very important and needs to be considered carefully. Take into consideration that some locations for the memorial can make it prone to damage. If there are children in your house, then you should make sure that the memorial is not somewhere it could be damaged during playtime. A display unit should help protect the memorial against physical damage.

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