Pet Cemetery Plots

Charcoal Rock Small Cremation Urn

Anyone who has visited a cemetery has seen family plots and plots and spouse plots. Traditionally the idea couples buy side-by-side plots at the death of the first spouse. Some families will buy several plots for all the members of the family, or at least all the human members of the family.

However, in our increasingly isolated technology centric lives, pets are often a treasured member of the family. Many urns and crematory jewelry exists to memorialize pets. But, what about those pet lovers who want to be bury their pets? Of course pet cemeteries exist in many locations. However, many feel these places needlessly segregate animals and humans. One emerging trend is people buying plots for their pets in regular cemeteries and then being buried next to their pet.

Charcoal Rock Extra Large Pet Cremation Urn

The increasingly long life of pets and increasing importance of pets in people’s lives means that pets are as much a part of the family and the humans. Having a treasured companion, whether it’s a spouse, canine, or feline, buried next to one’s own final resting place gives great comfort to people grieving the recently deceased. One interesting choice some people are making is to treat the pets the same as humans for burial purposes. They are buying the pets their own plots or as part of a double plot, common for spouses, and having a common headstone. Some of the headstones even feature engraved pictures of both the pet and the owner. While many feel such arrangements are too expensive, animal lovers feel the cost is worth it.

Not all cemeteries will accept animals. However, the demand for pet plots will only increase. Considerations for memorializing pets are as much of a heart wrenching process as it is for memorializing humans. Fortunately, there are more and more choices to allow people to properly honor their beloved animal companions.

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