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The Grief Of Pet Loss Is Too Much For Many. Here Are A Few Tips How to Cope with the Illnesses or Death of Your Pet

A pet is a significant part of one’s life. It can become your friend, your confidant, and your protector, etc. This innocent animal has unconditional love for its owner and is by his/her side through”thick and thin”! This is one reason why its owner develops an attachment and sense of responsibility for this pet. Responsibility and devotion turns to love, which is a bond that is shared by not only the pert owner, but by the pet as well. The attachment is wonderful, but it comes with its disadvantages; one being the sadness felt, when this pet becomes ill or passes away. It is very difficult to deal with the illness, and especially the death of a pet.

There are various organizations to assist one in dealing with a pet’s illness. VCA Animal hospitals are certified and have trained and licensed staff on duty to deal with sick animals. They are located in about 40 states and there are approximately 520 of these hospitals throughout the United States. They are staffed by 1800 veterinarians, 200 of which are board certified. These VCA Animal hospitals are equipped in handling all types of medical and surgical animal procedures. There are also many privately owned animal hospitals in just about every sizable   metropolitan area in America. Even in rural locations, there are hospitals that can treat animals, especially livestock, which is what is most needed in these locations. There are many resources on the internet that can help you find a veterinarian near you. For example, “Animal Hospitals-USA” is a good name to Google. When you arrive at this site, you can find an animal hospital facility near you. You can also look in the Yellow pages of your phone book to view your options as to the licensed animal hospitals in your area.

There are also numerous pet loss and grief support systems now available. One way in which to locate an organization of this type is to research the possibilities on the internet. and CCAH (Center for Companion Animal Health) are good sites to connect with, pertaining to the grief experienced when losing a pet.  Sites, such as this, offer comfort during those days immediately following the death of a pet. Those services that can assist you with some relief and help you get past the discomfort and sadness of losing your pet are as follows:

  • Inspirational Poetry

Reading inspirational poetry can help you to accept and deal with your pet’s death. Just to identify with a poem, helps soothe and heal your pain.

  • Create A Website In Tribute to Your Pet

You can tribute to your beloved pet by creating a website for it. On the website you can upload pet’s photos, share your feelings, write some poetry or remember your pet. There are some services which even provide free tribute websites for your pet.

  • Chat room

A chat room can give you the opportunity to share experiences and stories related to your pet. It gives you a chance to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. This can provide a lot of comfort, and can help closure come faster.

  • Biblical References Pertaining to Animals

Religious references can definitely bring closure to you in regard to your pet’s mishap. God has a way to heal all pain, and these references are a good start. Many organizations even have an online candle ceremony where pet owners can submit their pet’s pictures to celebrate the anniversary of their pet’s death. All of these ways help an individual to deal with his/her loss.

  • Ways to Deal with Guilt

Many pet owners have a tendency to feel guilty for their pet’s death. They feel that if maybe that had done a few things differently, that their pet would still be alive. The truth of the matter is that these individuals probably were marvelous with their pets, and death was just one of those things that comes to all pets, at some time!

The APLB, better known as the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, also assists pet owners with feelings related to the loss of a pet. It is okay to be sad or cry when your pet dies. This is natural, and a feeling that you just have to get past. The saying “time heals” is true, however you will always miss your pet and the “good times” associated with this pet. Your emotions relating to guilt, anger, denial, as well as depression need to be dealt with; however this may take time. Don’t rush it; it’s all a part of the healing process! It is also important to talk to your family and friends. Do not isolate yourself and do not mourn alone; share your feelings and thoughts. It will help you deal with your new life that will not include your pet. Nighttime may be the worst for you. This is when you remember your pet being with you. It is hard to get past these feelings, but time is on you side.

The death of a pet that is preceded by poor health of your animal is sometimes easier to accept than a tragic accident, like being hit by a car. This is so sudden that you cannot prepare for this travesty.  However, one of the worst situations is when you must decide if your pet should be put to sleep. This “euthanasia” is very difficult to encounter. Some Vets take the responsibility and implement this procedure alone, while others advise the pet’s owner to watch and be present for the procedure. Still other Vets encourage the pet owner to inject the pet him/herself. Whatever the case, the situation of “putting a pet down” is not easy and very depressing to witness.

All in all, dealing with a pet’s illnesses or death can be a very heart wrenching experience, as well as depressing.  Many organizations have been created to help with these emotional times. The internet is a great tool to connect with other individuals who have lost their pets. To be able to communicate and share feelings and memories help with the grieving process. This, in turn, leads to healing. After you have worked through all of your feelings pertaining to your pet, then you might want to think about buying another one. Just remember to let your new pet have an identity of its own. After all of these pointers have been considered, relax and have fun with your pet!

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