Planning For Your Elderly Pet’s Death

Candle Urn - Pet Cremation Urn

Thinking about the death of those we love is very difficult, especially when it’s a beloved pet whose love and companionship has meant so much to us. When pets grow old and sick, it is never easy to watch them fade away, but one way to find comfort in their final days is to plan whatever arrangements you will need to make. While this seem morbid at first, it is easier to make decisions about your pet’s earthly remains before it passes away rather than trying to make them while you’re deep in the throes of grief, which can be just as intense for some people as it is when a person passes away.

Candle Urn (Medium) - Pet Cremation Urn

If your veterinarian has given you some idea of how much longer your pet will live, it is best to make the arrangements within that time frame. Some of the decisions you will have to make is if you wish to bury your pet or have it cremated, what kind of casket you need to purchase if you choose burial, or what kind of container you would like for your pet’s ashes. You will also need to decide if you want to keep your pet’s ashes or inter them in some special patch of ground, such as your garden or their favorite spot in the backyard.

There many different kinds of pet urns you can choose from, and if you choose to keep the ashes, you can have them personalized with an engraving or a photo of your pet. This is especially helpful during the grieving process, when the photo will always allow you to remember you pet when it was young and healthy, not in its final days, especially if it was in pain. Making the arrangements for your elderly or dying pet before it passes helps you to accept the reality of the passing and may comfort you in knowing what will happen afterwards.

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