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Create a Memorial for your Pet with Garden Stones

It is painful to lose a pet. Those furry little snuggle bugs have a way of wriggling right into our hearts. When your pet passes on, there is a void left. One way to deal with the grief that comes from pet loss is to memorialize your pet, create a legacy. You can plant a […]
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Pet Cremation Diamonds

For many people, the loss of a pet can be just as devastating, if not more so, than the loss of a human. Pets are living longer and attachments can grow stronger between master and pet. When a pet dies there is often a great desire to properly memorialize the beloved companion. Modern technology now […]
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Pet Cemetery Plots

Anyone who has visited a cemetery has seen family plots and plots and spouse plots. Traditionally the idea couples buy side-by-side plots at the death of the first spouse. Some families will buy several plots for all the members of the family, or at least all the human members of the family.
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Why Invest in a Pet Memorial Rock

When a beloved family pet dies most people are unsure of how to help their children process their grief. For a lot of children the death of the family cat or dog will be the first experience with death that they will have had, and the death of a pet can be just a traumatic […]
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Small Urns with Big Memory

The saying that big things can come in small packages has never been truer when it comes to small urns. While most people think of an urn as a vase or box that you set on the fireplace mantel or the entertainment center. One of the craziest and more modern update to a small urn […]
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Cuddly Stuffed Animals as Pet Memorials

Many children do not understand death. It is a hard concept to teach to a child, especially when you do not have all the answers. When their favorite pet dies, a pet they saw as a friend, a family member, it will be difficult to deal with. A simple solution to help your child deal […]
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Remember Your Pet With Memorial Stones for Pets

Whenever you have a pet for many years, it is often devastating when they pass on. However, there is no need to forget your pet. You can keep their memory alive with memorial stones for pets. These memorial stones can have anything you like on them, from the pets name to a special engraving about […]
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Urns and Memorials for Pet Bereavement

When faced with the death of a pet, many people don’t know what options they have for memorializing the lost companion, but fortunately you have many options of both affordable pet urns and memorial stones for pets. Your veterinarian can help you with information about the first step: namely, your choices regarding your pet’s remains. […]
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The Final Gift to a Beloved Pet

Memorializing a close pet or a treasured animal when they pass on can be a hard decision to make, whether the deceased animal was a dog, cat, horse, bird, mouse, or even a fish. The pet loss service industry is booming. More people are deciding to cremate their animals rather than bury them, and they […]
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Immortilizing Your Deceased Pet by Mummification

Everyone wants their pet to be remembered once they pass. Some people choose to honor their pet by providing them with a proper burial, others choose to have their pet cremated and placed in a memorial urn. Now, some are choosing to have their pet immortalized by a traditional Egyptian mummification. Sorceress Cagliastro is a […]
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